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anyone with pf in Atlanta?

Posted by Margie W. on 9/08/98 at 16:31 (001705)

I've had pf on and off for about 8 years. It's gone from right to left and back again. For the past year it's been really bad in the left foot. I just found this web site about a month ago. Actually, I was scheduled to have EPF surgery on September 4th but cancelled. After reading all the posts, I decided it wasn't worth the risk. I have taken the advise of Diane R. and Lisa Chaken and bought Birkenstocks which I am wearing 100% of the time, taking Glucosamine Sulfate and calcium with magnesium, icing, stretching carefully, and wearing the night splint which Beth Kane so graciously sent me. This has made it much easier to get out of bed in the morning even though it's hell to sleep with! I want to thank Scott for this web site as this has helped many of us in our quests for relief from this awful affliction. Like most of us I have very good days and very bad days with my pf. I am constantly worried that it will move to my right foot too. I believe that this is a condition we will have for the rest of our lives (which is quite depressing) and we must try to find out which combination of things help our particular feet. Reading about what has worked for others and experimenting is the best thing we can do. I know from the years past when I was able to control pf, this time I did everything wrong. I didn't listen to my body, slow down, and rest. I will never again buy cheap shoes, especially sandals just because they're cute. When and if I ever get my pf under control, I now know all the right things to do to keep it that way.
I am 43 and have a husband who runs and two active teenage sons. Sometimes I get really depressed that I cannot even take a walk like my 80 year old mother does every day! We all need to keep our chins up and be thankful of the good days. There is always something worse...like cancer.

Re: anyone with pf in Atlanta?

Annette on 9/08/98 at 17:50 (001709)

I'm glad my other night splint went to someone it helps. It didn't help me and I sent both of mine to Beth Kane. Maybe we could start some kind of exchange program for people who would like to try certain therapies or equipment and can't affod to buy them.