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family/friends with PF

Posted by Janet on 9/08/98 at 21:30 (001718)

Wanna hear something strange?: I do not have a very large family, with no siblings. My father passed away, so I only have my mom and son left in this world. My two best friends are my extended family.
I have had the PF for 2 years. My mom was diagnosed with it about 1 year ago. One of my best friends was diagnosed with it about 3 months ago. Just today my other best friend called and said she was just diagnosed at her Dr. appointment.
What is the deal? Makes ya wonder.

Re: family/friends with PF

Kathy on 9/09/98 at 07:36 (001726)

It is funny that you should mention this. When I first got PF I knew several people who had it. In fact when I first noticed it I was sitting on the couch rubbing my heel and commented to my roommate that my heel hurt. She said, 'You know, mine does too' And then went on to tell me her uncle was having the same problem. It was through him that we got some literature on PF that he got from his doctor. Soon after that there was an article in the local paper. I knew I had PF before I even went to a doctor. By the time I went in I knew more about it than he did from all the reading I had done. Within a year I found out 4 other friends had it. Since then most have gotten better. I'm the last one to be still having problems, but that has improved.
Maybe it is something people don't talk about to others unless they have it too. Kindred spirits stick together.

Re: family/friends with PF

Rita on 9/09/98 at 17:53 (001731)

Strange, but now that you mention it, the reason I suspected I had heelspurs and PF 2 years ago, was that my girlfriend had had hers operated on about ayear prior. Then later I was complaining to another friend, and she said to try the inserts because that helped her. I had never even heard of this problem before then.