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Weather Connection

Posted by Kathy on 9/09/98 at 07:03 (001723)

I have always felt that the weather had something to do with the intensity of pain both in my feet and hands. I live in Minnesota and we are going into fall so it is less humid and cooler. I definetely feel much worse when it is hot and humid, but I think that is because I tend to have more swelling (retaining water?) There is also the connection of arthritis and weather. I think that maybe PF changes and what started out to be PF changed into more of an arthritis type of condition. (Same goes for my hands/wrists). At least in my case. I don't have the intense PF pain anymore (or tendonitis pain), but more an achy, stiff occasional pain. It is strange and hard to explain, but I think there comes a point where the pain changes. Maybe I'm just crazy :) Who knows, but I am glad things are better. :)

Re: Weather Connection

Rhonda on 9/10/98 at 00:10 (001746)

Hi Kathy,
I know exactly what you mean about the PF changing to what seems to be an arthritic condition. I feel the same thing. For the past several months the typical PF pain has improved in my feet but I have an 'arthritic' type pain deep inside. My PF seems to be getting bad again lately. Were you getting better even in the humid climate or did the improvement only begin as fall approached? When I go to New Mexico to test out my feet in the 'very low' humidity I'll be sure to let you know the results

! Rhonda

Re: Weather Connection

Kathy on 9/10/98 at 07:37 (001756)

I guess I noticed it getting worse last winter/spring. Went from only one foot to both feet. I got a cortisone shot in mid-July and got some relief from that. I guess it has been since the cooler dryer weather (mid-august/september) that I have noticed the biggest difference. But now it is more a stiffness in feet and ankle. More arthritic type pain. I definetly can relate to the 'deep' pain. Something doctors just don't understand. I have tried to explain my heel/wrist pain as a deep achy pain. They still want to be able to move my foot/hand or press on a certain spot and reproduce the pain. When I don't react they look at me like I'm crazy and don't have pain. They just don't understand that level of pain.
Thanks for listening. I know this getting a bit off topic, but I am glad to know there are others experiencing this change in pain. Good luck in New Mexico. My father 'winters' in Arizona. It's a beautiful down there. If things get too bad, maybe I'll pay him a visit this winter.