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Minnesota View

Posted by Kathy on 9/09/98 at 07:29 (001725)

Yes, I think there is a connection for some. I find when the weather is hot and humid my hands/feet swell more. Which would make sense that there would be more pain then. But the cold also bothers me.
I am beginning to think there is more involved here than just the PF. Perhaps one of the side effects to having PF is to develop an arthritis condition? Just theorizing.... I just think some people's condition (mine included) has gone beyond the 'text book' PF. Any comments?

Re: Minnesota View

Rhonda on 9/09/98 at 20:27 (001737)

Hi Kathy,
yes, I think you are right...some of us probably have gone past the textbook definition of PF. I think my feet have definitely become 'arthritic' in a sense. I'm still planning a trip to Arizona or New Mexico to test out my weather theory! Rhonda

Re: Minnesota View - PF & other "related pains"??

Diane R. on 9/09/98 at 21:32 (001739)

Kathy- You may well have some connective tissue disorder. I have had a 'non-specific' connective tissue problem for several years. The onset of this is usually around age 35(to 40) in women. At least I was 35 when it first happened to me and is the common age according to the specialist I saw at the time. At that time I became very ill and had some vision problems (iritis) from too many proteins in the eye chamber/iris area. The sed rate gets very high in your blood.

Rhuematoid Arthritis runs strong in the female side of my family - and some of the men have it also... also Lupus etc. My sister is very deformed in her hands from it at 48 and has had surgeries to both hands done at the Mayo Clinic and her hip is necrosing (bone is dying) and will soon need a replacement. With all this history it was not too surprising when I first had heel pain as I have aches all over at different times - but did not really associate this pain with the arthritis until I saw the podiatrist. He said it can also be a form of this connective tissue problem and that since I was prone to those injuries (tendonitis, bursitis, etc.) it was not surprising with the long standing I do that I developed PF.

If you are experiencing other problems, wrists, shoulders, hips etc. and you generally feel achey/exhaused - you should see a Rhuemalogist and get some blood work done to determine if you have the Rhuematoid factor in your blood or if there is some other disease going on in your body... many are related including fibromyalgia. Good luck to you from a Minnesota neighbor. Diane R.