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Pituitary tumor

Posted by Janet on 9/09/98 at 09:15 (001727)


I had completey stopped having my period. This was approximately 1990. I was also having severe headaches that began above my right eyebrow in my forehead. I went 2 years without a significant period, well I probably had 2 periods in two years period. I felt like I had PMS and I had all of the symptoms of PMS but my body would not just go ahead and have a period. I went to several Drs, and the answer was always 'it is just stress, just take this antideppressant and when you relax you will have a period'.
In 1992 my vision started blurring and the headaches got worse. I went to my Eye Dr., and she is the one who looked into my eyes and told me that there was something hormonal wrong with me.
Well to make a very long story shorter, I had to go to 3 more doctors before I could get anyone to run a hormone tests. They were SURE that it was my nerves. I ended up cussing out the third doctor and threw a huge crying fit. He did the blood test to shut me up. BUT when the prolactin level came back very high, he personnally called and apologized to me. I had a Ct Scan and it was negative. I went another year without a period. Then I raised hell until I got the doctor to order an MRI and low and behold they found the tumor. I have taken medicine since then and my periods are back on a 30-45 day cycle. The tumor is way too small to do surgery on and as long as it doesn't grow I won't have to worry. The only thing is that I have PMS all of the time, I have severe acne and severe mood swings. I am not sure how much of it is the tumor or the strong medicines that I have taken.
There are other signs of the tumor like have Breast milk. I am lucky not to have ever had this.
I also gained 30 pounds with all of the hormone fluctuations plus 20 more pounds in the last two years since I started getting the cortisone injections in my feet.

Re: Pituitary tumor

Rhonda on 9/10/98 at 00:00 (001744)

Janet, thanks for letting me know about your tumor symptoms. Gosh you've been through a great deal. I'm glad that doctor apologized to you...there is nothing worse than when you are suffering and a doctor or someone else says it's 'stress' or 'in your head'
They just don't seem to take women seriously. Very frustrating. Hope you are doing well. Rhonda