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Is anyone on disability because of their feet?

Posted by DaNita on 9/09/98 at 18:54 (001734)

My doctor is now considering putting me on permanent disability, cause she can't seem to help me. I am going to one other doctor that she wants to consult with to make sure she hasn't missed anything that could help. I don't know but I am so tired of all this.

Re: Is anyone on disability because of their feet?

roz on 9/09/98 at 19:16 (001735)

I am having trouble finding a doctor who will put me
on permanent disability. I was on disability for 4 months
through a podiatrist but even though he couldn't cure me,
he didn't want to continue the disability. I had one
ortho who was so uncompassionate, she wouldn't put me
on disabilility OR give me a handicap sticker. And here
I am on crutches for years now.

Re: Is anyone on disability because of their feet?

DaNita on 9/10/98 at 11:20 (001760)

I went to one otho. doctor that said he could fix me right up, but when his surgery did not work, he said I didn't want to walk what a jerk if I didn't want to walk I would not have had surgery. I have been fighting this for to long. I have only worked about 4 months out of 2 years. The pain is just to bad. I wish that the otho. doc had it has bad as I have that would teach him.