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I believe I could write a book

Posted by LindaG on 9/10/98 at 07:01 (001754)

I'm beginning to learn my feet problems began years ago. I started walking differently to favor a sore sport on the ball of my left foot (which later I found out was a neuroma). Because I was walking differently I developed some pretty good bunions on the outside of my left foot. Then I developed PF in both feet with bone spurs. So by the time I surrended to all of this, I was in so much pain I wouldn't get up in the middle of the nite to use the restroom. So I first went to a chiropracter and he got my left foot back to the corrected walking position and guess what, the neuroma pain was back and that was the beginning of my almost 3 year journey trying to get back a normal life. Because we walk to favor pain we cause all kinds of other problems, sciatia, back, hip, knee, ankle and when your life gets more and more sedentary there's weight gain, loss of muscle, and then you begin to lose your mind. Any questions? Thanks for this web page. My feet live on my foot massager that is permanently stationed under my computer where I also seem to spend more and more time. Thanks for being here.