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Re: Pain on top

Posted by debbie on 9/10/98 at 13:55 (001764)

I wasted my time at the Podiatrists. Cortizone shots are only temporary
I had several in both feet and the pain always came back.
I had surgery in my right foot 4 mos ago and it is still sore. I also am having pain on the top of my foot and I never had that before. I'm having my first acupuncture treatment next week. Debbie

Re: Pain on top

Carol on 9/11/98 at 16:01 (001780)

Has your Dr. ever suggested a Cam Walker for foot? This is a walking cast that can easily be removed. Origanally I had a Bone Spur. Now it has progressed to the left side of my foot.I have localized pain to both the Sinus Tarsi of the left foot and Calcaneal Cuboid joint. Ihope this may be of some help to you. Sincerly Carol

Re: Pain on top

Cindy on 9/11/98 at 16:37 (001783)

Be sure to ask your drs. about Lateral Column Pain Syndrome, cuz that's where it would be located. I learned about this when Dr. Barrett in Houston did ;my EPF in Jan. 98 - he had me wear a Cam Boot for 6 weeks because my feet are 'hypermobile' which makes me susceptible to Lateral column pain. The cure, as I remember him saying, is cortisone shots and rest, and all the same stuff you do for PF.