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PF while on estrogen Linda?

Posted by Rhonda on 9/11/98 at 00:24 (001772)

did your Pf etc flare up while you were on estrogen or just when you went off of it? Rhonda

Re: PF while on estrogen Linda?

Annette on 9/11/98 at 11:49 (001776)

I haven't been on it yet. Am just considering trying it a little early before the hot flashes really take over. I am curious to see if it would help my foot pain. I will call the doctor next week and post later to report if it helps. I suppose it will be several weeks before I will know. I am doubting it will help, but am willing to try ANYTHING!

Re: PF while on estrogen Linda?

Diane F. on 9/11/98 at 16:13 (001781)

If you cannot use the perscribed estrogen... you can try plant estrogen.. the nature way. I try to get soy products when I have the money... kind of tight in the money department. I can feel a big diff. when I do, it won't hurt to try and cheaper then drugs and better for you. I am 44 but my mother went through the change early so keeping my eye out for changes. My hormones have been kind of crazy for a long time... makes me wonder if that could have help me to get PF. Have no insurances and not too rich..so this board is great in helping me to chose what to try and avoid spending money for nothing. Good Luck :)

Re: PF while on estrogen-yes, while on Premarin

Diane R. on 9/11/98 at 22:48 (001790)

I too, am small boned, and the doctor thinks because of this and family history that I have a predispostion for osteoporasis. Therefore, I have been on Premarin for almost 18 mths. now & calcium supplements -- I did not equate starting on it with any big improvements in my feet but it certainly did not make them worse. My doc also told me to take the calcium 3 times a day but I just am not very good at following thru with taking pills that many times a day!

Premarin may have helped(along with the birks) as my PF/spurs (both feet) has been very good the last year -- until just this last couple weeks - been doing some killer overtime and it has not been good standing over 12 hrs. a day on concrete. Will try to slow down alittle in next few weeks and see if I can get it to quiet down again. Still not as bad as it was prior to the birks cure. I'm more like I was when I first got PF instead of after the 4 yrs... at least right now so I want it to not go that far again.