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Went to doctor

Posted by C.J. Mitchell on 9/11/98 at 07:48 (001774)

As I thought, the doctor did tape my foot, but as of this morning, it hurts WORSE than ever. It is much more swollen, and the pain is almost
unbearable. I have been taking Ibuprofen for pain, but that is like taking nothing. What else besides, elevating, ice and staying off foot will help????

Anyone please help.

Re: Went to doctor

eileen on 9/11/98 at 13:12 (001778)

Did you dr. recommend putting you on an antiimatory that is stronger than ibuprofen, maybe you could call him and request this, how about physical therapy to be started. They teach you the proper stretches and work on those sore feet to give them a good start to recovery, by using whirlpool and ice and massage therapy. If you doc did not mention these I would request this also. purchasing birk sandal can definitely help, and continue resting your feet as often as possible. good luck and hopefull you will have some relief soon--eileen

Re: Went to doctor

debbie on 9/11/98 at 17:28 (001785)

Dear cj
You said your pain didn't start until after you were in an accident. That doesn't sound like pf to me. Did the Dr. take an xray? What did he find? Why don't you go to an orthopedic Dr. They have more schooling and specialize in the bones. I know so many people who have been messed up by Podiatrists. I went to one for three mos and finally switched and the whole time i had a stress fracture. So I wasted 3 mos with the Pod. You must need something stronger than the ibuprofen. Make sure you don't have a broken bone. Good luck Debbie

Re: Went to doctor

CJ Mitchell on 9/12/98 at 11:23 (001795)

The doctor did tape my foot, said come back in a week, and stay off my foot. Well, that is a big joke, with a family, and all that goes on.
I keep the foot elevated at night, but as soon as I get up, it feels like razors are cutting into my foot.
I do have a 'heel spur' and the x-rays did show no broken bones.
I hate to get jerked around, but with insurance companies, you have to give them 'referrals' and if your original doctor doesen't want to send you, you are up the creek.
As for meds, I was on Darvocett and Soma for a back problems, but they don't want me to take it for my foot. It didn't seem to help anyway, I did try, knowing from 20 years of back pain.
Family is all upset that I can't get doctor to at least prescribe cortisone, or anti-inflamitories, but if you act the least little bit knowledgeable around these doctors, they shut you down and out.
Thanks again, any other help is appreciated