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iontopheresis....Janet and Crew ....

Posted by laurie on 9/12/98 at 12:23 (001796)

hey there,
sorry for not getting back to you earlier on the type of PT that is being used for me. I go 3 times per week and am being treated using iontopheresis. 2 large pads with medication are placed on each side of my calf & the 3rd one is placed on my foot, near the heel and arch. then hooked up to electrodes. the electrical current is then turned on, pretty pain free & is sent through the calf & foot. it is done at 2 different charges. afterwards my foot is taped up pretty tight.. personally i have no idea if it is helping. i've lost all flexability in that foot and the exercises i have been given thus far show no progress to date according to pt reports. i am strict in following all directions and treatments and thus, now that i've returned to teaching.. feel i'm at ground one. frustration. i will say, had it not been for a cortisone shot one month ago, i would not be able to take one single step on my foot. but yes, they will only give me one....... orthodics are done now and i should be able to pick them up monday.. also have another round of PT. i'll let you know the next realm of treatment for my minnesota feet in the hopes it helps others. oh yeah, one interesting thing... in searching iontopheresis on the net, i've found a statement 'Study info on iontopheresis: 6 times for 2 weeks helped some but there did not seem to be a lasting effect after 1 month.' this statement has frustrated my minnesota feet more than anything else... i have no idea what i am going to do. life would be okay if i could sit with my feet up all day....

Good 'heeling' vibes to all of you. Thanks for the comments on the board, it seems to me you all are afew steps ahead of me.. :)