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relief from alfalfa?

Posted by Debbie on 9/12/98 at 15:30 (001798)

I mentioned a while back that I was going to try alfalfa tabs since I heard of a man this worked for. I was told it would take about two weeks to take affect. I stopped the anti-inflammatories since they didn't seem to be working anyway. I think the alfalfa is starting to work, and it's been a week and a half. This morning when I went to stretch my feet before getting out of bed they hardly hurt. They did still hurt to walk on to get to the bathroom but it went away pretty quick. I put my shoes on and even went to the mall for an hour and when I got home my feet still felt pretty good. After sitting down for awhile I'm always dreading getting up for fear of the pain, but today my feet are not hurting near as much. Now the foot that hurts the most is the one I had surgery on! I will know in a couple days if this is it since I haven't done much else different, except a week of wearing reebokdmx running shoes when I'm home. More later!