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pf,disability,and Life

Posted by Suzy on 9/12/98 at 19:59 (001801)

How this area has grown! I started with PF in june of 97. I have been at this site several times and just get delighted every time becouse it just gets BIGGER! I had surgery in january of this year, Guess what its not that much better. I have been on disability. I have about 1 month left that they are going to pay. I have been offered a job that my dr doesent feel is right for me but when you stand on your feet for a living, have a family to take care of and know nothing else what do you do? I dont know if by doing this, it is going to hurt me anymore than what I am now. You know life is strange, You think that you are going to just run through it and never have time for little things becouse we are so busy in todays world. Than something like this happens to you and it makes you understand that we all need to slow down and just smell the roses. I have learned through all of this that PF is something that is diffrent for all. You have to try all types of treatment and hopefully one will work for you. Find a PF Buddy that you can talk to as well. It makes a diffrence. Most of all find a DR that will listen to you. Good luck to all..