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subscription fees

Posted by scott on 9/13/98 at 08:22 (001812)

I've tried that and already know that participation would be too small.

Re: subscription fees

Annette on 9/13/98 at 10:08 (001814)

Scott, my check for $10 is in the mail. I wish I could send more now but I have 2 sons in college. I will send more in a few weeks. I can't thank you enough for this sight and I have posted many times. I
thought I was going crazy at times from awful foot pain that big wig doctors refused to believe. I thought I would have to quit teaching.
Through what I have learned from this sight I am much better. I still have some pain but at least it is now manageable. You have given many of us a new lease on life. God bless you. Please keep on!