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On second thought - Subscription Fees

Posted by Scott on 9/13/98 at 15:09 (001816)

If you'd be willing to pay $5 every 2 months for access to the message board please say so in a post here. At least 30 people have to say they'll do it in order for there to be enough posts. Only a sample of the board would be available to outsiders. This is more money than I need, but it's going to be a lot of work keeping track of things and having to do taxes.

Re: On second thought - Subscription Fees

Annette on 9/13/98 at 17:44 (001821)

Pooey on the bunch of you complainers! I wrote Scott a check for $10 this afternoon and it's going in the mail tomorrow. he has provided a free service for a long time and has helped a LOT of people. If I had not found this site and listened to the doctors I would be in a wheel chair today.
I still have some pain but I am MUCH better and walk my dog three miles and work on my feet as a teacher. I will gladly pay $5 every 2 months. Just let me know when.

Re: On second thought - Subscription Fees

John P on 9/13/98 at 19:28 (001825)

I've written check that goes out tomorrow for $20. If you go the subscription route, I'd pay $5/2months.
Scott, you've done a great job. Disregard any complaints. Those who benefit or recognize the value of the work you have done will gladly volunteer to contribute in some way.
And another thing, I am perfectly content considering it as a gift.
You've worked hard enough and do not need any tax headache.
I'm on your side. Thanks for the time you have given this project.

Re: On second thought - Subscription Fees

Maha on 9/13/98 at 20:09 (001827)

$5 every 2 months? Not a problem, Scott. Awesome board.

Re: On second thought - Subscription Fees

Diane F. on 9/13/98 at 20:58 (001828)

$5 every two months would be ok for me too :) Can't really pay more then that but that would be in reach for me.. you do a great job scot!
Without this board I really think I would be in a wheelchair and my life ruined,but you have given me a new chance , thanks :) :)