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Pain in achilles tendon area and near ankle!

Posted by Rhonda on 9/13/98 at 22:36 (001829)

does anyone out there have pain in their lower calf or between the inside ankle bone and the achilles tendon? After about 2 years of PF I started to develop this other pain and I wonder if it is from stretching or not stretching or from wearing heel lifts ? Any comments would be most helpful! Rhonda

Re: Pain in achilles tendon area and near ankle!

Chrissy on 9/14/98 at 06:45 (001832)

After 2 cortisone shots and wearing orthotics (Spencos) for a few months, my heel pain is greatly decreased but I have some ankle and Achilles tendon pain. It sounds similar to what you described. I figured it was from the orthotic, since my foot pronates somewhat. I found that icing helped but the biggest thing was stretching my calf. My calf felt very tight and when I stretched it out several times a day, my ankle pain decreased. Good luck.