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entire bottom of foot extremely swollen

Posted by Elise on 9/14/98 at 15:32 (001838)

Does anyone else have excessive swelling as part of their PF condition? Does anything reduce the swelling? Is this part of the condition?

I was diagnosed with PF last Tuesday. With virtually no warning, I woke up with acute pain in my right heel, and went through the roof if I tried to put pressure on my heel. I also noticed that all the soft tissue covering the bottom of my foot was very swollen (but not hot or black and blue).

My orthopedist told me I have flat feet, and gave me a shot of cortisone. The pain went away immediately (and the shot was not at all painful). HOwever, it is almost a week and the swelling has not subsided at all, despite taking anti-inflammatories, ice massages, and elevating it, and adding heel cups to my sneakers. (It also feels like the pain is slowly returning to my right foot and starting in my left foot).

This is completely frightening me. I have been reading the web site for the last two hours and will try some of the other suggestions, but I can just look at my foot and know the problem remains.