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Never go barefoot!

Posted by Rhonda on 9/14/98 at 19:20 (001847)

I've been told by every physio, podiatrist, and orthopedic surgeon that the # one 'no no' is going barefoot. I can't anyway, as I can hardly stand in comfy sneakers at the best of times but I'm sure barefoot is about the worst thing for it. For some thorough info on PF see the following site: http://heelspurs.com/_intro.html
Good luck. R.

Re: Never go barefoot!

Diane on 9/15/98 at 11:22 (001860)

Well, I have just started down the road to treatment of PF. One cortizone shot and taping last week, (no relief), and now a 'soft cast' and elavatiion for a week. Sigh, already this is getting old. I've had this pain for approximately 5 months, and finally went to the podiatrist with it. I've been reading some comments and am not at all encouraged.
Without being able to take NSAIDS, and running the risk of steroid phsychosis with that treatment, I feel like I am up a creek.
The podiatrist cannot treat this aggressively enough for me....Is there any GOOD news about PF out there?
P.S. I have almost always gone barefoot.

Re: Never go barefoot!

Ron on 9/15/98 at 21:43 (001875)

Hi Diane,

You sound as if you are a bit frustrated. All I can say is it will take time to get better. They may try to get you to wear orthotics as well. As you have read, Birkenstock sandals - taking glucosomine etc. may all help. I just refused to give up going barefoot but it did take several months and wearing my Birks almost all of the time for it to finally clear. Whenever I feel a 'twinge' I go back to the Birks. Still better barefoot in my Birks than not at all!


Re: Never go barefoot!

Michael on 11/06/98 at 22:09 (002073)

A few years back I started to get plantar pain. I was wearing expensive dress shoes that had broken down in the insole area very badly. Not knowing about plantar faciitis, I tried wearing mocassins for a couple of months. At the end, I could barely walk. It was only then that I found out about plantar faciitis and the recommended treatments: use orthotics, stretch appropriately, use ice, but don't go barefoot. It might be OK if you had done that all your life (I don't know) but chances are good that it will exacerbate your condition.