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ARGH! My doc won't help me get a temporary disabled parking permit for campus. . .

Posted by Sherri on 9/14/98 at 23:04 (001854)

I'm going back to school and getting teachign certifcation. I've been going to school again fora few years, but last year I developed PF in both feet and it hurts!

I've found ways around it a lot, but lots of walking does me in. I can bike in good weather, try to alter my work schedule, etc. etc. But this winter it will be snowy and i can't bike on ice. The thought of my old habit of walking to school worries me, and also on my bike I can't carry large articles and if I'm going to work I can't get all wet in rainstorms.

I want them to let me get a campus disabled parking permit so I can park on campus and just walk from there. The regular lots are both sold out and so far from classrooms as they would be useless to me.

I dont plan on using the permit but when I need it, but the doc says that I don't qualify. I'm telling him that if it hurts to much to walk, then I should qualify! The prblem is I can walk some, its only prolonged walking. . . which means after I walk to campus one day I can't do it again until I rest up my feet.

I feel really betrayed since he diagnosed me and I've been to him for months about it, telling him that it's going away well enough and I'm concerned. I cant afford the physical therapist he wants me to see and I cant afford orthotics, and insurance won't cover it cause its not an accident.

I dont want an official one for off campus, because I can park anywehre I need to in town and work around my feet. Its only campus where parking is a problem and thus that is why I want a campus diabled parking permit.

I dont know what to do when the weather gets too bad to ride my bike. I dont think I'm being unreasonable or abusive of a condition, which is what he makes it out to be.

Since I can't,make him have my feet for a day, any other ideas?

Re: ARGH! My doc won't help me get a temporary disabled parking permit for campus. . .

Rhonda on 9/15/98 at 01:32 (001855)

Hi Sherri,
you are not being unreasonable at all in needing a parking permit...but your doctor most certainly is
I asked my doctor for permission for one and he gave it to me because he realizes how disabling this condition can be! Too bad you live in a snowy place. I live in a spot where it never snows and can cycle everywhere...when it is extremely rainy or I can't cycle that day for some other reason I can park anywhere on campus as long as I bring my bike on my car bicycle rack, then I just ride to the building I need to get into. My only suggestions would be first try another doctor! Otherwise perhaps a wheelchair or one of those motorized chairs. Best of luck in finding a more KNOWLEDGEABLE doctor! Rhonda P.S. perhaps writing your ombudsperson would get things rolling or your local disabled persons society etc?

Re: ARGH! My doc won't help me get a temporary disabled parking permit for campus. . .

roz on 9/15/98 at 02:04 (001857)

An orthopedic surgeon I went to wouldn't give me a
handicap sticker nor would she put me on disablity.
Two podiatrists gave me temporary sticker (three months)
and finally another podiatrist gave me a permanent one.
Just keep looking for a sympathetic doctor. One person
told me that chiropractors tend to give handicap stickers
more freely.

Re: ARGH! My doc won't help me get a temporary disabled parking permit for campus. . .

CJ Mitchell on 9/15/98 at 12:30 (001862)

IF YOU have ANYTHING with a diagnosis on it, the DMV will accept this as a written certification as proof of a disease or problem. They will issue a Temporary tag until you can get your new plates, or another note from doctor.
If the doctor you have, out on ANY FORM and signed his name as to the disability, it can be used.

I did that with my back pain also.
CJ Mitchell

Re: ARGH! My doc won't help me get a temporary disabled parking permit for campus. . .

Peggy on 9/26/98 at 01:25 (001944)

I am post EFPsurgery, the pain is worse than the PF. I asked for one so I could cope with life. You can get application where you renew your Drivers License. On the form it states... Is severely limited in the persons ability to walk due to arthritic, neurological, or {orthopedic condition}. I would get the form, fill it out , then take it to the Dr. and beg, for one. ASK FOR A 6 MONTH ONE, UNTILL YOUR PAIN IS BETTER.