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Re: suicide and depression

Posted by debbie on 9/15/98 at 19:45 (001872)

I am reading with interest your posts concerning suicide. I know how you all feel, you've tried just about everything and feel there is no way out of this madness. I have been doing alot of research and felt quite hopeless myself but I am going to have acupuncture starting tomorrow nite and it has given me hope. I have heard of quite a # of success stories from people who have tried this. I also met someone who went to a massotherapist and is now back to long distance running! I believe there is more to this alternative medicine and of course the Drs. don't want us to think so. I will keep you posted on this. The acu says it works 80% of the time. If it works it shouldn't come back. Also, there is an herb that the Shaklee co. makes called mood lift. It works much like St Johns wort for depression and it is safe and has no side affects. Debbie