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Stretching, Icing and taping

Posted by Barbara on 9/18/98 at 12:16 (001896)

I visited the acupuncturist for my 10th visit this morning. Right now she has two other patients suffering from pf and says that the stretching and icing have been found to be extremely helpful. For icing, fill a small plastic water bottle and freeze. Then roll the bottle under the foot for two benefits--cold for reducing inflamation and rolling action for loosing up the arch and allowing the pf to relax. She also said one of her patients found that taping was extremely helpful. But, can someone tell me how to tape? I know I saw a picture somewhere on this site but can't seem to get to it now. Thanks.

Re: Stretching, Icing and taping

Kathy on 9/18/98 at 12:55 (001897)


Instead of using adhesive tape, I ordered The PSC Fabrifoam. It performs the same function as tape, but you don't have to deal with the stickiness, cutting, etc. It is similar to an Ace bandage, but has a rubber lining for support. It stays on by using a velcro latch. My friend who is a PT told me about it and gave me the information. I am at the point where I will try anyting! So far, so good. I've tried some more agressive exercise and it has helped.

It is made by The Saunders Group, 1-800-456-1289 and costs about $23.00 plus shipping. I figure that one could easlily spend that much on tape if they are continuosly taping. Give them a call, they can send you more info on it! Good luck!

Re: Stretching, Icing and taping

Barbara on 9/18/98 at 17:24 (001904)

Kathy--many thanks for your suggestion--it sounds like a good alternative and I will give them a call. Do you know how to actually wrap the foot for the most effect?

Re: Stretching, Icing and taping

jill on 9/19/98 at 16:31 (001926)

barbara i have a way of taping that a physical therapist showed me. it seems to work real well. i do it when i'm going to be on my feet a whole lot for extra support. hard to describe -e-mail me and i'll try to put it in words or maybe easier on phone, its a bit elaborate.