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I tried on some Birkenstock sandals.....

Posted by Janet on 9/18/98 at 21:46 (001912)

I tried on three different pair of Birkenstock sandals. Are these supposed to be comfortable? What is the deal?
I can see how they are made to fit the bottoms of your feet, but damn they are hard as a rock on the bottom.
I tried on the clogs, the Arizona, and a pair that looks like the Arizona but have a back strap. I guess the Arizona felt the best of the three.
Maybe someone can explain to me how these shoes can make a difference
! (????)

Re: I tried on some Birkenstock sandals.....

Barbara on 9/18/98 at 23:20 (001914)

I agree and had the same reaction. I find more relief in well padded but supportive walking shoes like Easy Spirit. My biggest problem is a wide front (my toes don't taper, they are sort of 'squared off'), narrow heel and high arch. Believe me I have spent plenty on buying shoes that feel comfortable when I try them on but when I try to wear them for any length of time, forget it! I could cry over how many shoes are sitting in my closet I cannot wear just because I tried to get something that didn't kill me. If anyone out there wears a size 7 wide and wants them I will be happy to send them on. I have not been in a 'dressy' shoe in I don't know how long but just recently found that Easy Spirit makes some pretty decent looking lace-up and supportive dress shoes with a 1 or 1-1/2' lift that come in wide. I am even able to wear these all day at work with no more pain at the end of the day than any other pair of shoes I own. I think the l' heel is pretty good but then I do need to keep on top of the calf stretching... Anyway, this has been a huge issue for me and I guess I needed to vent. I am serious about the shoes though.

Re: I tried on some Birkenstock sandals.....

Janet on 9/19/98 at 09:13 (001918)

Barbara, Me too.....I have very a very wide front foot. My toes square off too. Before I got pregnant I wore a 5 1/2, After I had the baby, I wore a 6..........Now, 2 years later I wear a 6 1/2. My feet seem to be spreading.
I long to wear a dressy shoe too!

Re: I tried on some Birkenstock sandals.....

carlene on 9/19/98 at 18:04 (001927)

i bought a pair on sale for 75$$$ they are very uncomfortable at times and ugly