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Two weeks in pain

Posted by CJ Mitchell on 9/20/98 at 11:50 (001932)

After two weeks, I really thought that I would have some relief. Doctor did tape my foot and then it throbbed. Next, he injected Cortisone and made me a removeable bandage to soak foot every day.
Up until today, I had some relief. But most of my pain is now in my heel, not just up into the arch of foot.
Yes, I do have heel spur. What's next??
Will go back to doctor NEXT week, unless I can't stand the pain any longer. Is this the way everyone else's is, or am I nuts?
CJ Mitchell

Re: Two weeks in pain

Roger page on 10/22/98 at 15:41 (001961)


Are you sure there is a heel spur; specifically, did your physican x-ray your foot and find a calcium build up? If not you may want to describe the pain and when it is the worst to (email removed)
I used mechanical equipmant(no shots) that they provide, and I was running again in days. Good Luck, Roger