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Sandi Did you use heel cup as well as night splint?

Posted by Roger Page on 10/22/98 at 15:28 (001960)

Sorry to hear of the nasty pain and weight gain. I know the problem with both. I was in the same shape, although I put on some weight prior to onset of plantar fasciitis, and I suspect that contributed...
I used the night splint nightly for 4 months...yep, awkward, but not much...and I walked pain free in the morning. I also wore a thick waffle heel cup that made walking a dream. I also changed how I sat at work to prop my foot at 90 degrees. I was running regularly again in days.
Using the heel during the day and the night splint at night, I am pain free after 4 months. My physian thought it could take 6 months.

If you did not use the night splint(the one that holds your foot at a 90 degree angle) nightly, and you didn't use the waffle cup, you may wish to provide an email description of your situation to heelkit@aol.com I used the items they offer and they are considerably less expensive than a medical pharmacy. Good Luck Roger