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Just Diagnosed

Posted by Jaye on 10/30/98 at 17:57 (001975)

I had never heard of plantar fasciitis until I was
diagnosed earlier this week after suffering for two
months. This site has been very helpful to me already.
Unfortunately, I live in northern Canada where the
medical community is, at best, barely adequate so I'm
probably going to be on my own re: treatment.

Re: Just Diagnosed

Becky on 10/30/98 at 19:20 (001976)

HOney child, go to Toronto and well check out the ossatron treatment. It may be too soon but at least it is in your country being done. My advice, if you care don't go see a Podiatrist unless he has been highly recommended from people with PF. Check out an Orthopedic Surgeon who deal in feet only. This will be your best bet!
I have suffered for almost four years and I won't even begin to tell you the crap I have been through. MOre advice is to get yourself some good running shoes fast and take it easy. Stretch as much as possible and best of luck to you. YOu have found the right place. Many of us wish we would have found this site sooner.

Re: Just Diagnosed

Jack on 10/30/98 at 20:31 (001978)

Becky, you are soooo right about finding a podiatrist recommended by fellow sufferers. I went to a so called 'sports podiatrist' and he was more interested in fitting me for orthotics and giving me cortisone injections than anything else. He continuously referred to my problem as a 'heel spur' yet when I questioned him as to where exactly the spur was on my x-ray he looked uncomfortable and changed the subject. Even his therapist was pushing the orthotics on me, even though I plainly stated that I wanted to avoid a band aid approach. Of course, orthotics can be very helpful for many, but I went my whole life, and 15 years of hard training without them and still don't feel that in my case they are necessary. . . I too wish I had seen this site prior to my many visits to the podiatrist and his physical therapist.

Re: Just Diagnosed-Take Care Selecting Doctors

John on 11/03/98 at 11:58 (002020)

I was 'just diagnosed' a year ago by a 'Sports Othopedist.' He refused to take x-ray. Gave me a steroidal injection, and anti-inflammatory drugs for two months. Then it was on to the 'Sports Therapist.' Two months of exercises, icing, and electro-stimulation did not lessen the pain. (Nor did the $$$ spent). On to podiatrist. X-ray taken and bone spur found. One non-steroidal shot, one week's non-steroidal Peroxicam, and a simple taping of the foot. Pain gone. Future visit promises an orthotic of some sort, as he says that my feet don't have enough fat as a cushion!
By the way, I'm 61 and have had an active lifestyle: minor jogging, tennis, skiing, golf (walking). If you read the articles at heelspurs.com, you'll get plenty of information on which to base youy decisions. Good luck.

Re: Just Diagnosed-Does It Get Any Better?

Amy on 11/03/98 at 20:56 (002031)

I've been hurting for about a year, but I've only just gone to the
podiatrist 3 weeks ago. He's trying not to use me as a pincushion and
he's not pushing orthotics. I've had 1 shot (which did NOTHING). He
gave me 4 stretching exercises to do 3Xday and naproxen 3xday. However, I do retail work (just started a new job). I'm already
wondering if I'm going to be able to handle it. I'm also overweight
(mostly since this year). I need to walk to lose weight. How do you
have a life with this?!?