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heal spurs on both feet

Posted by nancy on 10/30/98 at 21:58 (001979)

I was diagnosed w/heel spurs and saw them on an xray. I am in much pain and presently have no insurance, as my company closed in June. I am at a lose as to what to do now. I have 'donuts' in my Nike's. I improve somewhat when i rest and stay off my feet. One doctor told me to soak my feet in hot water. The other one suggested ice. Regardless of what I do, around noon, i am in such pain. Any suggestions?

Re: heal spurs on both feet

Merlyn on 10/31/98 at 14:35 (001988)

I too have had heel spurs for a long time...You can try alot of things . Always remember what works for one may not work for you. I recently purchased magnetic insoles ..TheraP at Walgreens, they were worth the $20.00,,I also recommend Glucosamin Chondroitin..takes 2-4 weeks before any improvement. I also freeze a water bottle and roll it with my feet. I have a pair of birkenstocks but they aren't so great for me. I always have some pain but I can walk some without feeling overwhelmed with pain and depressions. You do have options that might help. My insurance company paid $2000.00 for custom leg brace and orthotics that did nothing. Good Luck Merlyn

Re: heal spurs on both feet

Sue on 10/31/98 at 15:22 (001989)

i to had spurs. Sept. 16 i had sur. on the rt. foot and i am still hurting but not quite as bad. My dr. told me it can take up to 3 mos. to heal. Two weeks ago yesterday I had the left ft. done and starting walking full wt.bearing yesterday and the pain is worse than before. Monday I go to have the sutures removed. He is going to hear me scream. Hoping all of this does heal better than now. I was reading your other comments from someone and i have done all the things Merlyn told u to do. I also had multiple inj. in each ft. which did not last for me but i do know they work for a lot of people

Re: heal spurs on both feet

Kelus on 11/01/98 at 10:47 (002001)


I suggest icing.
When you have time, do the warm soaks and then the icing, alternately making the icing be the last thing you do.
Scroll up to a post that I left for Heather in the topic 'is there anybody out there?' to see alittle more advice that I have on ways to ice your feet.


Re: heal spurs on both feet

DaNita on 11/01/98 at 18:29 (002005)

I have have had 3 surgries on my left foot and none of them has helped.I am worse off then ever. I am at the point now where I don't want to even get up and walk. My ankels hurt and my feet 'pop' and it puts me right down. It hurts so bad. Now I am being sent to have new inserts made I have worn these before for 2 years with no relief so I don't know how they will help now. i think they just want to make more money off me. God knows they have made a ton already.