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Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy

Posted by Richard O. Lundeen DPM on 10/31/98 at 09:47 (001985)

Our EPF study is finally complete. If you wish I can e-mail it to you for posting. We surveyed 134 epf-only patients and scored a 90+ percent satisfaction rating, i.e. they would have the surgery again AND reccommend the procedure to another person.
Hope ypu're not getting burned out on maintaining this site...you've done a great job so far
Keep it up!

Re: Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy

Scott on 10/31/98 at 09:50 (001986)

Yes, please email it to me and give me the URL when it is placed on your site.

cc: email

Re: Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy

Cj on 10/31/98 at 22:29 (001996)

Would like to see whatever the heck it is you're talking about! Thanx. Cj

Re: Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy

Roz on 11/01/98 at 23:20 (002011)

I find this extremely hard to believe. It seems as if most people who had
surgery on this board are in worse pain or permanently disabled. Could it
be that the people who post here are always in the 10% of doctors'
patients that didn't get helped by EPF? Also, of the people that didn't
get helped in your survey, did any of them get worse as a result of the

Re: Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy

Sharon on 11/03/98 at 20:09 (002030)

Yes, please email the EPF Study results! I'm having surgery
this Thursday and I sure could use some POSITIVE response.
I'm very nervous as it is, but with some of these comments,
It doesn't seem to be a very successful procedure? My doctor
tells me that I should be back to work in 4 weeks or less.
I sure hope he's right.. Sharon

Re: Endoscopic plantar fasciotomy

suzi on 11/04/98 at 17:20 (002039)

I know this sounds absolutely crazy, because most of us have not had great luck with surgery but I have a friend who had pf for ONLY 6 months, and got a cortisone injection once a week for 6 months (yikes!) and found a doctor to do the epf surgery for her. (Most doctors make you wait at least a year to make sure you have exhausted all conservative treatments.) Anyway, She has COMPLETELY recovered! in fact she now jogs 8 miles a day with two babies in a double jogging stroller
! How nutty does this sound??? I know this sounds insane, but it is a true story. From what I can gather, surgery works for some people amazingly well, and is a complete disaster for others. I guess there's no telling who will be a success story, but this one sure is a success story! I am amazed at how many cortisone shots she had in such a short period of time, I hope she has no long term complications.