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Is anyone out there?

Posted by Cindy Burdue on 10/31/98 at 16:17 (001990)

Hi, everyone! I haven't found the new messages on this old board yet - so I don't know if I'm talking to anyone. I hate the delphi board, I have only visited 3 times or so - including this am, tried to put in a message to jump into a conversation on MRI for diagnosis, but couldn't figure out how to do it! So, If anyone is listening or cares, I had MRI of both feet last summer - didn't show a thing (even tho. I am crippled and was using a wheelchair). The neurologist wrote me off then, but my podiatrist (Dr. Barrett in Houston) told me prior to the test he didn't think it would show anything useful, cuz he's never had one that did! So, I would save the $$, frankly.

Re: Is anyone out there?

Heather Miles on 10/31/98 at 22:42 (001997)

Hey, I'm here alright
I just stumbled (pardon the pun) upon this website for the first time tonight. I'm 24 and have been suffering for several months now. The insight in this site has really informed me. I haven't even been to a doctor yet, no insurance. I'm a little overweight, and I'm on my feet too much at my job. I've gotten some better shoes, and I'm trying to lose some weight. After reading the article, I plan to start taking more Vitamin C and grape seed extract and do more stretching exercises. I really DON'T want to go to a doctor, procrasinating and scared, I suppose. Keep me posted on your situation. Looking forward to hearing from you. Good luck, Heather

Re: Is anyone out there?

kelus on 11/01/98 at 10:05 (001998)


How did you like Dr. Barrett???????

I am thinking of going to him soon.
I have also been referred to another Dr. in Houston, Dr. Baxter.

I know that Dr. Barrett discovered the endoscopic surgery.
I was told that it was Dr. Baxter that did surgery on Mark McQuire's feet.

I can only choose on of the doctors because of my insurance.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Kelus

Re: Is anyone out there?

kelus on 11/01/98 at 10:43 (002000)


Could I give you some advice?

PLEASE get a doctor, RIGHT NOW


The longer you wait, the more likely you will have long term pain and also surgery


I put it off and put it off month after month. Now I am nearly disabled at times.
I can't have the surgery because I have a toddler to look after, and I am a single parent. (I can't recover from the surgery chasing a toddler)

Please do something now because I wish I would have

More advice: These are the things that keep me going:

* Ice your feet anytime you get a chance. Fill a plastic water bottle about 90% full of water. (Like an Ozarka or Evian bottle)
Freeze it and roll your foot over it. Just keep it in the freezer after each use so it will always be ready.

* Never go barefoot. Always wear shoes. Even in the mornings.

* Although expensive, custom made orthotics usually help.

* Stretch your calf muscles.

* When you rest, keep your feet elevated with a pillow higher than your head.

* Try the perscription anti-inflamitory medicines. They kill my stomach, but some people can take them.

* The medicine Limbitrol helps me sometimes, but most people think that is all in my head


* Don't overdo your activities. Don't plan a full day at the zoo and trudge through it. This is damaging your foot and maybe making scar tissue.

I can't think of anything else. There are many other things, that I plan to try, like the night splint or strassburg sock, but I am so broke from all of the medical bills that I have to wait until income tax time to do anything else

Hope this helps you