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Dr. Barrett and Dr. Baxter

Posted by Kelus on 11/02/98 at 08:46 (002012)

Has anyone used Dr. Barrett or Dr. Baxter?
Both are from Houston.

I have heard that both are good, and I can't decide which one to go to .

I have heard that Dr. Barrett invented the endoscopic procedure.

I have heard the Dr. Baxter is the one who did the baseball player, Mark McGuire's foot surgery.

I would welcome anyone's opinions or info



Re: Dr. Barrett and Dr. Baxter

Irene on 11/09/98 at 17:08 (002107)


I used to live in Houston, and I went to Dr. Baxter. It's true, he's treated a lot of famous people, and he's extremely caring. But he didn't help me.

He doesn't do the endoscopic version of the pf release.

Good luck.