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In pain...What do I do next??

Posted by SHELLY on 11/02/98 at 11:38 (002013)

I have just found your site...Suffered with PF since 1995 when I had my first child. - Had a brief recovery and it's back, worse than ever on both feet. I've had
4 cortizone injections, orthodics, a removable cast, I've tried anti-inflamitories and of course, good shoes.
I'm really upset by the lack of progress and wonder if I should go for surgery. I thought surgery would be the answer but from the remarks I've read on this site, I now know it doesn't always work. Also, I have two kids under age 3 and I'm worried about managing the recovery period. Whine..Whine..Whine. On a positive note, it's nice to know there are others with similar problems. ANY ADVICE??

Re: In pain...What do I do next??

Linda Winstead on 11/02/98 at 11:51 (002014)

Shelley, it sounds as if you have not yet tried a program of regular stretching and muscle conditioning and also icing. I would definitely visit a physical therapist before going to surgery. My physical therapist helped me before surgery. Then after surgery, when I wasn't getting the relief from it that I thought I should, I went back to physical therapy and am convinced that is the answer. Linda.

Re: In pain...What do I do next??

SHELLY on 11/02/98 at 12:16 (002015)

Thanks, Linda. I stretch sort of haphazardly. After reading about this more I think I need to be more committed to it. Physical therapy is a good idea...Maybe they can give me some tips on stretches that I haven't tried. I ice my heals at bedtime and use muscle rub on my calves. Do you use something other than an ice pack?

Re: In pain...What do I do next??

Linda on 11/02/98 at 15:29 (002017)

My physical therapist had some very specific ideas which she gave me, including about icing. She wanted me to put the ice (cube) directly onto my heel at the inflamed area anytime it began to hurt. She wanted me to take time to do this at the onset of pain, rather than letting the inflammation build up. If you put the ice directly onto the skin, then it only takes 5 minutes to completely numb that area, which is your goal. She recommended that I do this frequently. For instance, when I go shopping, she said I could even bring ice cubes in a thermos and just go to the car and ice for 5 minutes. She also suggested 'dixie cup' ice. You freeze water in dixie cups and then when you take it out, you tear an inch of the paper around the top and apply it directly to your heel. If you make a bunch of these up ahead of time, they are always ready when you need them.

Re: In pain...What do I do next??

debbie on 11/03/98 at 18:41 (002027)

I had surgery and was on crutches for 10 weeks. My foot is worse now. I hear it takes a good 6 mos to a year before it feels good. It has already been 6 mos. I tried everything and I am repeating myself and I feel like no one is interested but I am doing acupuncture and am on my way to being cured. I have had 14 treatments and am on a break for two weeks. I can now walk a mile a day. I could not walk across the room without being in extreme pain before. Debbie