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custom shoes?

Posted by elise kaplan on 11/02/98 at 12:58 (002016)

I am trying to adjust to custom semi-rigid orthotics, but they are too hard. I was wondering about custom shoes which could have the same arch support and also cushion. Has anyone tried this route?

Re: custom shoes?

Linda on 11/02/98 at 15:32 (002018)

I don't have custom shoes, but I heartily recommend Mephisto shoes. These have the best insoles and support. They actually mold to your feet like an orthotic. In fact, I think Mephisto has certain stores that actually do a custom shoe as well. They are on the internet.

Re: custom shoes?

Elise on 11/03/98 at 10:01 (002019)

Are they soft and cushiony, or hard like an orthotic?

Re: custom shoes?

Linda on 11/03/98 at 16:37 (002022)

They are not soft and cushiony like Aasics gel running shoes. I tried those and didn't get enough support. They are very supportive and comfortable, but come in many styles. The longer you wear them the more comfortable they get. I can hardly wear any other shoes. Their only drawback is that they are very expensive.

Re: custom shoes?

debbie on 11/03/98 at 18:37 (002026)

I also had custom made orthotics and wore them for two years. Mine were also hard. When I switched to an Orthopedic Surgeon he told me they were too hard. I got new ones made that are much softer and more cushiony. Debbie

Re: custom shoes?

Anne on 11/04/98 at 15:33 (002037)

Are Mephisto shoes available in Canada?