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Re: recovering from surgery

Posted by eileen on 11/03/98 at 13:03 (002021)

The recovery time from epf surgery can be 6-12 month. So please try to be patient. The more you rest and do not reinflame the surgical area the better the healing will be. the surgeons are not completely honest and upfront on recovery time untill after surgery. I was originally told I would be up and better in a few weeks. Acually in a way I was. I was on crutches and a boot for 3-4 weeks and then in an orthotic and athletic shoe after. He told me I needed to be extremely cautious and go very slow for the first 3 months while the healing was taking place. So I did the best I could. Unfortunitely I did not have complete relief of pain from the surgery. Did left foot and then cancelled the surgery on the right since I did not feel it was worth it. My best relief from pain has been a change in jobs to one sitting, not on my feet all day, continue to stretch 2 times daily, wearing birk, most of the day. I am still on antiinflamatory meds which help and glucosomine 1000 mg. ( not sure this works). I am 99% pain free if I do not overextend myself, like walking long distances. good luck and have a little patience. eileen