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Walking Is A Pain!

Posted by River Dweller on 11/04/98 at 12:12 (002034)

I got this problem with my first child and 80 pound weight gain. They dissipated until the twins came, along with 100 extra pounds. I fought down the weight, but orthotic inserts helped tremendously when I couldn't get an additional 50 pounds off. They weren't a problem for the last few years, then I started a job where I'm on cement all day long. Now I can't walk without horrible pain, the worst it has ever been and shooting pain all the outside of my heel in the evenings or when resting.
My husband says lose weight!, but we all know this is a billion dollar industry without much long term success. I don't want to get addicted to meth or morphine, but I'm tired of the constant pain.

Re: Walking Is A Pain!

Anne on 11/04/98 at 15:36 (002038)

After successfully using orthotics for several year, I am now suffering with severe pain similar to what River Dweller describes. My doctor is suggesting surgery but I am skeptical.

Re: Walking Is A Pain!

Ken Cybulska on 11/04/98 at 20:32 (002043)

I have a similar problem and am actively looking for an alternative to the plantar fasiectomy the doctor I'm seeing is proposing. I can't help but think these guys are, plain and simple, just in it for the money.

A guy in my office was telling me he went to a sports medicine doctor for his heel spurs and the doctor used a pen-like instrument with a big metal ball tip to basically crush the heel spurs without invasive surgery. He describes that the doctor pressed very hard back and forth over the affected area and that the heel spurs were obliterated.

If you send me a personalized E-Mail I will let you know further updates of this story. I live in the New York City area.

Re: Walking Is A Pain!

River Dweller on 11/05/98 at 08:49 (002048)

Good Lord Ken! Are you sufficiently sedated during this process? I certainly hope so. I can see where this might work though as I have felt like doing the same thing at times.

Re: Walking Is A Pain!

BEEJ on 11/05/98 at 11:07 (002049)

Dear River Dweller: I too believe that it would be a good thing to lose weight. I have been losing now on the new Weight Watchers plan at the rate of about 1 pound a week (its been 11 weeks and I have lost 12 pounds). It seems terribly slow to me but the longer it takes the more I will have changed my old bad habits. I believe it is behavior modification and determination that will get the weight off and keep it off. I tried everything else to no avail. But, when I got to about 10 pounds lost I noticed my feet started feeling better. Today they don't seem better (am wearing new shoes) but I still have 45 more pounds to go. I got this condition because of weight gain so it makes sense that it will help to lose weight. My gain was from stopping smoking about 4 times to the tune of 20 pound weight gain each time
! (and am proud to say I have been successful in this now for almost a year.) I know for a busy mother it makes it even more difficult but you are important and exercise and eating right will also make you feel better about yourself and be better able to cope with the extremely heavy demands you have in your life. Sorry to blabber on but I really do encourage anyone who has this problem and is overweight to consider this option. Since I can't walk too far yet I bought a recumbent stationary bike and 'ride' about 30 minutes in the morning before work (about 4-5 times a week). Then I do my back exercises (mainly crunches and leg lifts) and then I do the heel and calf stretching. It really makes a great start to the day (not while I'm doing it but after its over
!) I am not perfect at doing this consistently but am improving all the time--I refuse to give up until I have lost all the weight I need to--no matter how long it takes... And, maybe if your husband thinks this would help he could be supportive of it by watching the kids or otherwise helping you find time to do what you need to do for yourself and your health. Good luck to those who are going through the same thing. BEEJ

Re: Walking Is A Pain!

Ken C. on 11/05/98 at 20:30 (002054)

He said that while you're given a local anesthetic, it's still an agonizing process to undergo and recover from. But he says that he's never had a problem again after that. That the heel spurs are all gone.

Re: Walking Is A Pain!

higgi on 11/06/98 at 06:52 (002057)

hey! I cantruly undderstand what you are going through. I am employed by U.P.S. and i have to walk on cement all day for 8-11 hours a day. I'm in pretty good shape but just happened to my. I have had EPF surgery on 11/5/98 I hope this helps me. But maybe you can have the shoots in the soles of your feet. Or start a simple exercise. Before getting out of bed try streching you heel by pointing your toes down and up for 5 -10 min. and always put your slippers before walking to the bath. Even massage can help.