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Arthiritis & Osteoporosis Center

Posted by DaNita on 11/04/98 at 13:59 (002036)

Well today I was refered to a doctor that will check to see if I have arthiritis in my feet. Also they mention something about fibrosis (sp) in my feet. I told them that I have only gotten worse since surgery and the docs that I spoke to today said the surgery could have helped but I was just having more symptoms from tthe surgery that I hadn't notice before. Believe me I would know if it had helped.

Re: Arthiritis & Osteoporosis Center

Nancy on 11/13/98 at 19:37 (002161)

My brother had surgery for heel spurs and has had as much pain as before. He is in so much pain he can barely walk. There seems to be no help!