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My orthotics keep sliding forward!

Posted by Drew on 11/05/98 at 06:29 (002047)

I've been wearing orthotics for about two months now for plantar fasciitis. The pain has gone away as long as I don't try to run. The doctor feels that I still need to stretch more before I can run. The problem that I've been having with the orthotics is that they creep forward as I walk. So the hard end of the orthotic digs into my heel. It is annoying to have to stop every block or so to readjust the orthotic. I've tried wearing thicker socks but I still have the same problem. Anybody have any ideas?

Re: My orthotics keep sliding forward!

suzi on 11/06/98 at 18:41 (002069)

Drew, take the orthodics back to the person who made them and have them adjusted
! You don't need any new problems from orthodics that don't fit properly.

Re: My orthotics keep sliding forward!

Janine on 11/10/98 at 10:43 (002110)

If you don't know the name of the company who made the orthotics for you, I can help. I work for a lab that makes custom foot orthotics and we could adjust them for you. Have you tried velcro? With some of the styles that we make, we include velcro to attach to the shoe, and it does make a difference in many cases. E-mail me with any questions or visit http://www.orthotics.com