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Ossotron is ...

Posted by Scott on 11/05/98 at 18:21 (002050)

They called me today and are sending more info. Its sound waves similar to the kidney stone zapper used to destroy tissue at the fascia/heel bone interface. The new tissue that heels back is supposed to be stronger with a better blood supply. It's sort of like surgery without cutting the skin open. I'm told 3 people from this site are getting it done in Canada for around $2,500. There are 4 sites in the US (Tampa, Chatanooga, GA, and Birmingham) doing an FDA study on it. 300 patients will be treated in double-blind fashion. 150 will be placebo. Insurance probably pays.

Ossotron said in the other board:
Just in case there is some confusion- some cases report reduction of pain in just a few days, however, typical patients report substantial results at 6 weeks and pain free at 12. This is due to the mechanism of healing. Shockwaves, up to 6000 psi, result in localized trauma. Trauma leads to neovascularity and tissue growth. This typicallly takes up to six weeks . Good luck. I will see you in Toronto. I am a represenative of the company with the US distribution rights to the product and I shall be there to accompany Dr. Wolfgang Schaden, the president of the European Society for Musculoskeletal Shockwave Therapy. Additional clinical data is available at http://www.healthtronics.com . Note that this device is not yet FDA approved but is in the late stages of a double blind FDA study.

For clinical data refer to http://www.healthtronics.com or call Orthotripsy Canada at 888-274-6610