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ouch! they sure do hurt, heel spurs, don't they?

Posted by Bertha on 11/06/98 at 10:36 (002059)

I was diagnosed with heel spurs many years ago, was treated with cortisone shots and ultra sound treatments. Also was fitted for slimthotics in the shoes. Pain does go away, but it always finds its way back. Today I once again am diagnosed with those little buggers, (heel spurs). I had x-rays taken and boy those spurs are sure big. The doctor has treated me with cortisone shots in both feet. I am also now wearing shoe orthotics, actually they are in my sneakers. These were fitted to the sneaker. Pain goes away but again always finds its way back. Especially if I am on my feet too long. If I go One (1) day without the orthotics forget it, Pain Amundo

! I was told I was allowed three shots into each foot. I have had the three shots in the right foot, I believe only 2 in the left. The pain is more hurtful in the right than the left. Was told to see how long the shot would last. The last one I recieved lasted about 2 1/2 months until I put flat dress shoes on for a day. The doctor actually told me that I would have been better off wearing heels that day. Well! Now if this last shot doesn't work, my next and only other option I am told is SURGERY

! Is there any other way?????????

Re: ouch! they sure do hurt, heel spurs, don't they?

Gina on 11/06/98 at 18:27 (002066)

Before surgery, I would try a stretching program, a night splint and/or a cast. They didn't work for me, but are very helpful for some. Also, get a 2nd and even a 3rd opinion before surgery...don't be in any hurry about it.

Re: ouch! they sure do hurt, heel spurs, don't they?

DaNita on 11/06/98 at 21:38 (002071)

I would get a 2nd opinion if I were you, surgery is the last thing you want to do. It does help some in my case it did not, made it worse. So be very sure before you have surgery.

Re: ouch! they sure do hurt, heel spurs, don't they?

betsy on 11/07/98 at 01:53 (002077)

Yes, dang it they do
! I wrote on this site about my own experience with these debilitating things, I think I may seriously try to find someone who does acupuncture and or massage. Read down further Bertha and see the warning that Debbie left for me, it sounded helpful

Good Luck...

Re: ouch! they sure do hurt, heel spurs, don't they?

Janice on 11/10/98 at 10:26 (002109)

I agree with everyone else...they sure do hurt. I am bothered with the left heel only. I have been out of work since July '98 with back and neck problems and I didn't have much trouble before then. They hurt some just before I went out of work but so did everything else at that point. I was treated in 1993 by a chiroprator and he made the pain go away. Said it was a calcium build-up and getting my back in line would correct the problem. I was seeing him for lower back at the time. Anyway, it worked for awhile. I'm about ready to go see him again. I will return to work shortly and will be on my feet 8 hrs. Ooouuuch

I got donut heel cushions to try. They feel pretty good wearing around the house but I haven't been on them for hrs and on concrete, like I will be at work.