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newly diagnosed and trying natural supplements to heal

Posted by cynthia Painter on 11/06/98 at 22:01 (002072)

i am just starting to try a combination of natural supplements to help my heel pain. has anyone had any success with this? I'd like to know! I have also abandoned my areobics and am now swimming instead.
my doc wants me to get orthodics-i have flat feet. Will orthodics really help? Any advice would be greatly apreciated!

Re: newly diagnosed and trying natural supplements to heal

Diane F. on 11/07/98 at 07:51 (002081)

Yes they do work, at least they work for me. Think what you use depends on the person. I use the cal/mag tablets and find they help alot and have been using super concentrated isoflavones tablets for another problem and find this has also improved my feet. Of course I do the stretching and wear birk and their blue inserts and am careful but my life has improved, was worried about being in a wheelchair at one point, but thanks to this board am doing well and improving everyday :) Just keep trying and you will get better.


Re: newly diagnosed and trying natural supplements to heal

eileen on 11/07/98 at 07:53 (002082)

hi cynthia,
orthotics have definitely help me, but I think as a newly diagnosed plantar fascitis sufferer there are other things that you should be doing also. Gentle stretches 2-3 x days, wearing birk arizona syle seems to be the most comfortable for most. icing the heel again 3-4 or more times untill the heel is numb. Many of us use glucosomine sulfate 1500 mg a day which is a natural pain reliever and suppose to build cartilage. after I was diagnosed the orthopedic surgeon sent me to physical therapy x 2 1/2 months which definitely helped.
Getting off you feet is very important, do not walk through the pain it will just make everything worse. Never go barefoot. wearing the birks feels as good as being barefoot. Good luck, and read all the info on this site. it helps. eileen

Re: newly diagnosed and trying natural supplements to heal

Rita on 11/11/98 at 13:57 (002124)

Don't forget to take your supplements. Vit. C, calcium/magnesium, and glucosamine sulfate/chondroitin.