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night splints-do they work?

Posted by michelle on 11/07/98 at 07:09 (002080)

Am considering night splints since the orthotics don't seem to
be working, anyone have good results with these splints?

Re: night splints-do they work?

diana6 on 11/07/98 at 08:42 (002083)

I have night splint from podiatrist - big blue thing. Can't say that it has helped anymore than just stretching the heel and Achilles tendon out before getting out of bed. Also tried casting - didn't help either.

Re: night splints-do they work?

John on 11/09/98 at 07:38 (002103)

I have used the Strasburg sock at night with some good results. The only problem I have is, it sometimes slips during the night if I do not get it tight enough around my calf. For me, it does eliminate the morning pain entirely. If you try the sock, I recommend not to set the pull too tight. I have discovered, the hard way, that a mild stretch works much better than a tight stretch.

Re: night splints-do they work?

Elise on 11/11/98 at 07:50 (002121)

Before I started with the night splints, I was waking up in pain every night. The night splints, even though they are bulky, have definitely helped me sleep better at night. However, I don't notice an improvement in my pain during the day.

Someone mentioned that her therapist molded one to her calf, which sounds a lot better than mine. Mine is an off-the-shelf product prescribed by my orthopedist, who believes night splints and physical therapy are the solutions to PF. I went to the place he recommended because they were covered by my insurance there.

Re: night splints-do they work?

Rudy on 11/13/98 at 08:48 (002141)

Night splinting has shown positive results for many. In a recent study (about 3 years ago) at Wake Forest University Sports Medicine Group, splinting (along with a combination of stretching exercises, orthotics and anti-inflammatories) showed extremely positive results. I have a friend who participated in these studies, so I have good second hand information. I also have first hand information: The splint has worked well for me (very little morning pain). I am told the key is to get about 10 degrees of dorsiflexion on the foot and maintain it in that position during sleep. Also, there is a sock - Thorlos - that provides cushioning and functions almost as an orthotic. I use these for running and other sports, and they seem to have had a positive effect on my condition.