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Gel Inserts

Posted by Helen on 11/08/98 at 10:58 (002089)

Does anyone know where to obtain gel shoe inserts?

Re: Gel Inserts

suzi on 11/08/98 at 14:26 (002094)

try calling the 'foot smart catalog' I know they sell them, and off and i don't know the #. Call the 800 listing and you can get it! This catalog has lots of great foot products!
good luck!

Re: Gel Inserts

kelus on 11/08/98 at 20:49 (002101)

I got mine at the mall here in Texas at a store called 'The Finish Line'. They helped, but when it gets right down to it, you really need some type of orthotics, specially formed to your feet. (you can get cheep ones, or expensive ones)
Email me if you would like me to tell ya about some cheeper orthotics that I am trying now, after wearing custom made orthotics for two years.