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Two Yrs/Two surgeries later and 10x worse!

Posted by Patricia on 11/08/98 at 20:34 (002100)

Danita and Debbie, this is my first time reading and posting to this
BB. I've had a fasciotomy July97, a year later another surgery..spur removed in June 98.YET- Another spur'under' my achilles that NEVER bothered me UNTIL this last surgery has left me in same situation as
Danita.10X more pain than ever
I have pain every step I take and NOW in NEW PLACES! Cant get thru the grocery store either. Taking pain pills when I'm desperate to get work done.I am borderline obese- exacerbating the situation.Although this problem started when I was 40 lbs lighter and walking 6-8 miles a week, 31/2yrs ago when I
trying to lose weight Presently making minor
adjustments to orthotics, galvanic therapy 1xwk, stretching, icing even magnets.
I will be looking into accupuncture upon your suggestion and swimmming for exercise. I'll let you know. This is getting scary!