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Ruptured/torn fascia?

Posted by jay on 11/11/98 at 19:40 (002128)

I have been suffering for several years - tried everything listed here with no improvement. On Saturday I was trying to get to the phone from the opposite end of my house. About midway down the hall I heard a loud POP and felt excruciating pain in my heel - it lasted several hours then subsided to about the usual level I endure.

I tried to reach my doctor but he has not yet called me back (and it it now Wednesday night!). I am concerned that I might be doing more harm by carrying on as best I can after this injury. Has anyone experienced this
POPping? Was it a tear of the fascia or something more benign?

Re: Ruptured/torn fascia?

roy on 11/11/98 at 21:51 (002131)

I fell through wooden floor in july tearing my plantar fascia.I went
to doctor after about a month passed couldnt take the pain any longer
I tried all the conserative methods and nothing helped,finally had
surgery in october.Now my foot seems to be getting better ;but its a
slow healing process

just hope and pray the pain go forever...

Re: Ruptured/torn fascia?

roy on 11/15/98 at 00:00 (002186)

four weeks since surgery and foot still very sore when your walking
or standing.I just wonder if this is normal and if it is about how
long of time has to go by before you start feeling back to normal
I mean my foot feeling the way it did before i injuried it.After
reading some of the other responses i dont get a real good feeling
about the future

Re: Ruptured/torn fascia?

jay on 11/16/98 at 00:00 (002199)

I finally saw my doctor on Friday. The week before when I had seen him we had discussed surgery; he joked that I might have done the surgery for him. He took an x-ray to be sure that I had not done any damage to the bones in my foot. Apparently if the tear is particularly severe you can actually break the heel bone
! My injury was not a total tear, but just some of the fibers in the fascia. He offered to put me back in a cast or to trust me to stay off my foot. I chose the second option because the cast does a # on my back.

If you have a total tear of the fascia your foot will not bear any weight and will most likely be very swollen and black and blue. In any event, you should probably see an M.D. not a podiatrist!

Re: Ruptured/torn fascia?

Sharon on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002291)


You're 2 weeks ahead in your recovery than me. I feel so much pain
when walking or standing. I tend to walk on the left side of my foot
to avoid putting any pressure. I thought this surgery would relieve
my pain, the doc said my return date for work is Dec.7..I seriously
doubt I will be able to handle my job because it requires me to be
walking on my feet a good 8 hours. What happens next? Is there anyone out there that has had a successful PF surgery??I would like to
hear from you. Hang in there Roy, I know exactly how you feel. This
is my second surgery in 4 months. The first was thought to be Tarsal
Tunnel Syndrome. After 3 months there was no improvement..I'm getting
Keep in touch let me know about your recovery.