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Does losing weight help

Posted by Bunny on 11/15/98 at 00:00 (002190)

I have four heel spurs, two in each foot. Othotics help some. My left foot is worse than my left. Has anyone had relief by losing weight?

Shopping is really difficult. Has anyone been able to obtain a handicapped placard or plate to park closer to buildings, stores?

Does staying off ones feet help? It certainly feels better, but the question is more about keeping the problem from getting worse or helping the healing.


Re: Does losing weight help

Bobbie on 11/15/98 at 00:00 (002195)

I have suffered for about three years now and have tried cortisone shots, anti-inflammatories, arch supports, stretching, and creams. So far nothing has helped. My doctor wants to try a night brace but it has to go before my HMO insurance to see if I fit their criteria before they will cover it. My concern is that I may have to quit my job because I can not stand being on my feet. I am a secretary but I still have to stand to file, copy, etc. By the end of the day I can hardly make it to my car. Going shopping is out of the question unless I do it by wheelchair. I don't know the answer to relief for this problem but knowing there are others battling this same problem helps. I have thought about trying to see if I could get a handicap card so I wouldn't have to walk so far but have been reluctant to do so. Any advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated. I am so frustrated!

Re: Does losing weight help

Karlen on 11/16/98 at 00:00 (002205)

I think we have to ask ourselves--does carrying a couple of bags of groceries, or such, make our foot pain worse? If the answer is yes, then losing weight should help.

Re: Does losing weight help

kelus on 11/16/98 at 00:00 (002219)


My Dr. says that loosing weight will help alot, but of course, I haven't been able to get up and do anything.
I am thinking of writing my Neurologist a letter and asking him for a handicap placard. Your email isn't listed, so would you write me and give me your address? I will write you and tell you what he said.

I also have trouble when shopping. I will get into the store and can't make it back out

! Sometimes I even have to SIT down on the floor to rest my feet so I can get out of the store to my car! (how embarrassing
I have even asked the management to put some benches out and he won't do it.
(this is the ONLY store of it's kind in my small town.)
Anyway, good luck to you...we all know what you are going through.

Re: Does losing weight help

debbie on 11/17/98 at 00:00 (002247)

spider-tp051.proxy.aol.com 19:08:20

Re: Does losing weight help

Samantha Nancy Kietz on 11/17/98 at 00:00 (002248) 20:26:07

Re: Does losing weight help

Bunny on 11/20/98 at 00:00 (002304)

my email address for response re: handicapped placard