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Possible Alternative Therapy

Posted by Mike Micallef on 11/16/98 at 00:00 (002207)

Until last Wednesday, I suffered from a very difficult, chronic case of tennis elbow. I am posting this note here because the innovative treatment I had is used extensively in Europe for heel spurs, tennis elbow, shoulder calcification and bone fractures that do not heal.

The procedure was performed at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Toronto, Canada, by Dr Anthony Galea using the first OssaTron in North America. This device uses high-energy shock waves to disintegrate calcification.

The technical principle behind the OssaTron is the same as the device used for many years to break-up kidney stones and gall stones and the doctors have developed these new uses for this well-established technology.
I had previusly tried cortisone injections 5 times, 7 months of physiotherapy and was facing surgery as the only practical hope until I read about the OssaTron and decided to try this. The treatment lasted about 30 minutes and I had two injections of local anesthetic to help me deal with the discomfort. I left without assistance after the treatment and drove home to recover - one day of pain that was not severe enough to make me want drugs - followed by three days of bruises and now it is definitely mending for the first time in 3 years. The treatment was arranged for me by John Grant and his office # is 905-939-0667.

Mike Micallef

Re: Possible Alternative Therapy

ossatron on 11/16/98 at 00:00 (002213)

please keep us posted as to your progress during the upcoming weeks. good luck