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Stretching-does it really work?

Posted by Kristin on 11/18/98 at 00:00 (002269)

A physiatrist who gave me a tentative dx of PF said I needed to do stretching since lack of flexibility caused this whole thing. A ortho surgeon who I have just been referred to also wants me to stretch. Does anyone have pain with stretching? If I start to feel the slightest amount of stretch I have pain, so I've backed off. If I don't do any stretching I feel like I'm not putting any effort into my own recovery. Next step is a cortisone shot. Exactly how painful? Very willing if I can run again. Thanks!

Re: Stretching-does it really work?

BEEJ on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002286)

I believe stretching is one of things you need to do to help but is not a cure. If not done correctly or if you overstretch--you can do more damage than good. Sometimes stretching in a tub of hot water can help at first--i.e. stretching without putting a lot of pressure into the stretch and having the warmth of the water loosen the muscles.
My ortho surgeon says he never gives cortisone shots in the heel because it can destroy the heel pad itself. So please get other opinions about this first. Others at this site will also warn you about cortisone shots. So far, most of us here have not found a cure for ourselves (and a lot of us have tried cortisone shots) but I personally feel I am gaining ground on this (after almost 2 years) by reading and trying the various methods others on this site have tried. Not everything works for everybody so it is a real trial and error procedure. Just keep at it and hopefully, it will get better. Best, Barbara

Re: Stretching-does it really work?

Bobbie on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002297)

I have had four cortisone shots directly into the bottom of my heel. The first one worked for several months, the second one helped for a couple of months, the thrid and fourth ones did nothing. I refuse to have any more because it is only a temporary measure and not a cure. Good luck if you decide to have some shots.