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Another Birkenstock Repost

Posted by Scott on 11/18/98 at 00:00 (002273)

Margie in Atlanta (MARZO)
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10/15/98 9:52 AM
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First, don't buy them at a department store or mail order. Go to a shoe store that
specializes in them (Abbadabbas in Atlanta) so you can be fitted properly. A MUST!
Second, start out with the Arizona style. I was concerned about them slipping off
(without a backstrap) but they really won't.
Third, Start wearing them SLOWLY. Two hours the first day, three the second day,
Fourth, don't expect to love them for about 3-4 weeks. I know that is a long time but
that's what you need...time to get them broken in. They will form to your foot and
eventually will feel wonderful.
Finally, don't give up on them when they don't feel good at first. For some they do feel
great at first. Not for me. I liked shoes with a heel lift and didn't like the low heel bed in
the Birks. But, like Diane R. posted a long time ago, the low heel bed keeps your
plantar fascia stretched throughout the day whereas a heel lift doesn't. Therefore,
whenever you walk without a lift it is easy to stretch the pf too quickly and reinjure it.
Then you are back to square one!

Re: Another Birkenstock Repost

Sharon on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002274)

Why not order them mail order? If they aren't custom Birkenstock arch supports, wouldn't they all be the same? Have you looked at the website http://www.shoetree.com ? They offer those supports for about $25.00 plus shipping. I have custom orthotics and I don't think they really help at all. My next stop is birkies and maybe their arch support. Does it matter if you wear the sandals or the shoes? Are birkies angle kind of like the old Earth Shoes? I have worn Naots (Israeli version of birkies) but sometimes I think they aggravate my heel. I wonder what the difference is.

Re: Another Birkenstock Repost

jean on 11/20/98 at 00:00 (002303)

Oh my gosh, someone who remembers Earth Shoes. The heal on the birks are not lower than the forefoot like the earth shoes were. The birks just have a really good arch support and the longer you wear them the more they conform to your foot


Re: Another Birkenstock Repost

Sharon on 11/20/98 at 00:00 (002322)

I always wondered if Earth Shoes killed my feet forever! The Birks seem SO HARD! How do you get used to them? I wore the Naots (Israeli version) but I swear they made my foot worse so I am afraid to invest in the birks. I don't know what to do. People talk about Mephistos too. I wonder what those advantages are.