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Surgery Again?

Posted by suzy on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002285)

I had surgery in Jan of theis year and found no releif.
I have been of work now for a little over a year and still have pain. Has anybody found releif froma second surgery? any help would be great!

Re: Surgery Again?

Sharon on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002289)


I had surgery on November 5, for Plantar Fasciitis. I have no relief and this is the second surgery on the same foot in the last 4 months. The first was for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. It didn't help either. I'm where you're at, still in pain and out of work. I wouldn't consider another surgery. I'm thinking more of orthotics, I'm hearing a lot of encouraging testimony from people. I'm even
considering acupuncture?