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Back to aerobics thanx to acupuncture

Posted by debbie on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002292)

So, I actually went to Jazzercist Mon and Wed this week and my feet don't hurt! I only did low impact, I am nervous that the pain will come back. It felt so good to go. I am still having acu treatments and can't get over how much this has helped me. I never thought I would be able to walk a mile ever again, let alone go back to my aerobics class. For all you out there, you are looking for a cure and I am telling you this could work for you. Please try it. What have you got to lose? Good Luck. Debbie

Re: Back to aerobics thanx to acupuncture

Elise on 11/19/98 at 00:00 (002294)

HI Debbie,
I am so happy for you. This is actually a duplicate of a message I left later in the board... I went to my first accupuncture treatment and got no relief for my feet and the palms of both of my hands swelled up.

Can you tell me where they put your needles? I had three needles in the fleshy part of the palms of my hand.

Re: Back to aerobics thanx to acupuncture

debbie on 11/21/98 at 00:00 (002324)

Elise, Are you kidding me? The ONLY needles you had were in the fleshy part of your palms? If so, you are going to the wrong person, find someone more qualified. A good acu Dr. knows to put the needles in the pressure points. there are 360 of them on your body. I get five needles in each foot. Two on each side and one on the heel. He also uses suction cup magnets on my feet. I also get a needle in the shin and one in each hand, between the thumb and forefinger. and he does acupressure on me. Some Drs. take a class for a few hours and say they can do acu. No way. It could even be dangerous. My dr. studied for 7 years. The first 3 were just learning the points and parts of the body etc., the the next 4 were needles. Find someone else, don't give up. Ask questions when you go for a consultation. Ask to see credentials. Look for a chinese Dr. Good Luck and please let me know what you do. Last nite I went to the mall and walked for 3 hours. My feet were sore but didn't hurt at all when I got up this morning. And it feels so good to go back to Jazzercise. I never thought I would ever again. Debbie