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still in pain and getting worried

Posted by roy on 11/21/98 at 00:00 (002334)

Its been 5 week and pt two times a week. I think I making some real progress until I have to get on a treadmill and walk even if its only 5 minutes its starts hurting,throbing and acking.I cant even stand on my right foot only anymore and my ankle has a poping when I walk.Iwas injuried on the job and my job requires me to walk,climb stairs and have really good balance on moving equiptment...what do you do when you had surgery,pt and orthos and it is painful to shop,walk ashort distance and you can forget about enjoying golf,walks or softball......tired of hurting

Re: still in pain and getting worried

Bobbie on 11/21/98 at 00:00 (002336)

Please know that you have lots of moral support from fellow sufferers. I have been battling this for three years. Wish I had an answer for you towards a cure all but that is why I keep reading this message board. It seems like everyone reacts differently to various treatments. I think you just have to keep trying everything until you find what works for you. Due to advise from others I am going to try the Strassburg Sock and Birkenstock Arch Supports. I had to quit wearing my ususal shoes and have been wearing Eastland Sandals from JC Penny. They are made like Birkenstocks. Still and all, by the time I walk through a store or work a day at the office, I come home in a great deal of pain. I don't think anyone can understand the pain until they have had to deal with it, including doctors. Good luck!

Re: still in pain and getting worried

roy on 11/22/98 at 00:00 (002341)

Thanks alot for the words of encouragement;I hope and pray that everyone with problem finds relief.