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Does Superfeet have more than one orthotic?

Posted by Sue B. on 11/21/98 at 00:00 (002339)

I'm always game to try yet another orthotic. Right now I just keep changing orthotics and shoes all day. When the pain gets too bad with one pair of shoes or orthotics, I just switch to another pair and the pain lets up in one spot and starts in another spot.

I guess Superfeet is the name of a company. I found their website at superfeet.com, but didn't have the patience to examine it very thoroughly. Do they offer more than one type of orthotic? What type would you recommend?


Re: Does Superfeet have more than one orthotic?

Fred on 11/23/98 at 00:00 (002352)

They do have several models, but you will have to decide what is best
for your case. I chose the one for sports and maximum support.
The best bet is to search the website thoroughly.